About Teresa

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My Story

Since the age of 12, I have always struggled to maintain my weight at a healthy level. I remember weighing 180 lbs in 9th grade and hating myself for it. I then went on to extreme dieting and became a vegetarian for about 2 years. At around the age of 17, I got the workout bug and would wake-up early every morning and run for an hour. I would then go to the gym and workout for about 2 hours doing weights and cardio. A year later, I joined the military and kept on exercising religiously even when I was out on a boat in the middle of nowhere. I remember working long hours and then going to the boat gym for at least an hour or two. I felt like I was burning the wick on both sides. Running only increased as I moved to my new unit. I ran about 5 miles 3-4 times a week and went to the gym. I ate a lot of food and drank beer. Since I was working out so much the weight maintained. I got into a relationship and slowly the weight came on. I still made weight for the military but I was uncomfortable. I decided to step up my running game and ran 4 half marathons over the span of 2 years. All the running eventually caused a foot fracture and I was not able to exercise. Again the weight came back. When I went to my next unit, I got the competition bug and started competing. I competed in four competitions and on the last one, my coach had me eating 1100 calories, doing 2- 1 hr sessions of cardio plus weights. When the show was over my metabolism was messed up as ever. Since that last show, I have been struggling with my weight. My set point has increased and no matter what I have struggled. I had a baby and post partum I weighed over 200 lbs. So far I have lost 40 lbs., but I want to lose more while repairing my metabolism. Follow me on my journey to lose weight and find out how to holistically lose the weight. I am over the excessive exercise and extreme diets. Life is too short.